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RYTDS 3 Month Placement with Greyscale Theatre Company


The Regional Young Theatre Directors Scheme provides the opportunity for emerging directors to work with regional theatres learning their craft.

This placement with Greyscale Theatre Company in Newcastle, has allowed me to work on two coproductions with Northern Stage as Assistant Director; Dr Frankenstein and Hedda Gabler: This is not a Love Story. I will also spend time on Research and Development for a new writer and learn how a regional small scale touring theatre company works.



The Internet is not a safe place if you are a woman. It is especially unsafe if you are a woman who likes to visit spaces in the web that are seen as typically male.

Vivi likes to game. Unfortunately, not everyone who games is pleased to find women sharing their space. As vivi fights to change the sexist nature of the game, another gamer begins a campaign of stalking, voyeurism and eventually assault. 

This play is currently under option with Graeae Theatre Company, who are keen to talk to any companies who may wish to develop it with them.

The Library of Lost Arts


Humanities thirst for knowledge is insatiable. It has led to discoveries that allow us to instantly connect to people across the globe. It lets us reassure ourselves that our cold is really just a cold. It has let us research, develop and implement a multitude of life saving and life changing processes and technologies.


But what skills have we lost along the way? And can we know the true impact of that lost knowledge?


The Library of Lost Arts is a interactive performance dusting off knowledge lost behind the back of the sofa and under our desks.


I am currently looking for artists to further develop this work with. Contact me if you are interested in working with me on this project.

Fold. Throw. Repeat


After a successful presentation of this play at the Live Theatre's Live Lab relaunch, I have recently expanded it into a full length piece. 


Brothers and Sisters fight, and makeup. They fly together and they fly apart. Sometimes things are said that can't be taken back and sometimes amends can be made anyway.


Harold and Anabel fold and throw paper aeroplanes which carry them off out of their scary realities and to worlds which are easier to cope with but at some point they have to come back to Earth.


2017 - 'Hedda Gabler: This is Not a Love Story' Northern Stage/Greyscale Coproduction, (Assistant Director)


2017 - 'Dr Frankenstein' Northern Stage/Greyscale Coproduction, (Assistant Director)

2016 - 'Statuesque' as part of Women Centrestage: Powerplay, Hampstead Theatre (Writing)

2016 - 'Malwebolence' as part of Graeae's Write to Play, West Yorkshire Playhouse (Writing)

2016 - 'Gift Return' as part of Women: Redressed, Park Theatre, London

2016 - 'Pro Forma' as part of Next Up..., Gala Theatre, Durham


2016 - 'The Beach Where...' as part of Graeae's Write to Play, Hull Truck Theatre (Writing)


2016 - 'Dig' as part of WriteBack, Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle (Writing)


2016 - 'Skin' as part of Graeae's Write to Play, West Yorkshire Playhouse (Writing)


2015 - 'Hello Space Boy' as part of WriteBack, Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle (Directing)


2015 - 'Sons of Man' as part of WriteBack, Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle (Directing)


2015 - 'Fold. Throw. Repeat' as part of 10 Minutes To ... Take Off, Live Theatre, Newcastle


2013 - 'Christmas Voices' in Redhouse, Sunderland


2012 - 'Christmas Fairy Tale' at South Causey Inn, Durham


2012 - Adaptation of Chinese Epic Play 'A Peach Blossom Fan'


2012 - 'Cannibalism for Dummies' in Stage@Leeds


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I graduated from the School of Performance and Cultural Industries, University of Leeds, with a first class honours degree in Theatre and Performance. My studies focussed on the Text and Performance strand. I then spent an academic year teaching performance at Newcastle College and working on personal projects before taking a year out. I am now focussing on writing, and some directing.

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