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I am available to run writing/theatre/communication/creativity workshops and masterclasses with groups of up to 20 participants.  I have provided descriptions of two workshops to provide an idea of the masterclasses I can do. 'Shakespeare Shouldn't Scare' and 'Unblocking Creativity' can be run with your organisation immediately. I can also plan other workshops based on the needs of you participants. Get in touch to discuss your requirements. 


The information in the grey box shows my latest writing/performance event that one can attend to get more of a feel for the way I work. Please click through to venue websites to purchase tickets or find further information. Alternatively, click HERE, to find out about my previous works.

Shakespeare Shouldn't Scare
Who / How long / Cost:

Students 14+| 2hrs - 1 day| From £37

Shakespeare is full of great stories, daring heroes, awful antagonists and wonderful insults! The 'Shakespeare Shouldn't Scare' workshop uses drama techniques to open up the language to students and let them begin to enjoy Shakespeare without the fear. This workshop can be adjusted to match the needs of your group but would be ideal for GCSE/A Level English Students.

Under Fire: Fearless Writing Generation
Who / How long / Cost:

Students 14+| 2hrs - 1 day| From £37

Creative Writing can be a challenge for many students as they struggle with confidence. This workshop uses various lots of tasks, delivered in a quick fire way, in order to help students break through the confidence barrier and learn how to generate ideas. The full day workshop may also include a page to stage session, where students will be asked to write short plays, rehearse and perform them in under an hour.

Unblocking Creativity
Who / How long / Cost:

Small groups| 3+hrs |From £50

The purpose of this workshop is to teach its participants that they can create theatre work quickly. It hopes to teach confidence and basic stage/public speaking skills using drama exercises, and culminating in the presentation of a short play that has been devised entirely by the participants.

Dr Frankenstein/Hedda Gabler: This is Not a Love Story

Until 11 March|2PM and 730 PM|Tickets various prices

Northern Stage, Barras Bridge, Newcastle

An edge of your seat thriller, Frankenstein tells a great story of power and powerlessness, fear and revenge, creative possibility and destructive power

A funny, shocking and powerful version of Henrik Ibsen's masterpiece, opening up the desperation and absurdity of trying to live as a thing that you are not.

Introduction to Playwriting
Who / How long / Cost:

Small Groups| 4hrs - 1 day| From £67

Playwriting is a unique literary form. This workshop explores different types of play and their styles and techniques before asking participants to try the techniques out for themselves. It provides the building blocks for participants to try their hand at writing. This workshop can be tailored to the needs and levels of each group.

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