Bursting with 'squee'

I shared my halls of residence with a lovely guy, called James. James used the word (noise) 'squee' to describe that feeling of tension and joy that one might get when looking at a something cute, a kitten perhaps. It was also used as a descriptor for that general excitement when you're really looking forward to something but don't have the words to verbalise it in a normally understood way.

Back in August, I had an interview for a year long writing project with an exciting theatre company. Unfortunately, I am held to silence until they do an official announcement. However, the 'squee' is overflowing and I felt the need to say ...


Over the next year, I will be involved in workshops, rehearsed readings of my work, have a professional writing mentor and all sorts of other amazing opportunities. I mean, how flaming amazing! There's opportunities and then there's HOLY SHIT OPPORTUNITIES and this one certainly is the latter. I am looking forward to a year of learning, and developing and hopefully it is going to culminate in the presentation of my first full length play.

And of course, I'm also feel a little bit chuffed that 'someone else' saw the potential in me and is giving me a chance.

#theatre #writing #playwrighting

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