Superfantastic opportunity!!! and a broken thumb

So now I've actually begun my superfantastic opportunity I'm allowed to share it with the world!!! For the next year I will be working with Graeae Theatre Company on their third year of Write to Play. This amazing opportunity will let me experience workshops, work placements, professional readings of my writing and hopefully my full length magnum opus - well perhaps not a magnum opus but at least a pretty spectacular debut play. Visit here to read more about the programme and here to read the writer introductions (scroll to the bottom for me).

The opportunity began in October with a week long workshop entitled 'Playwrighting 101', which began on Monday morning meeting Jenny, Graeae's inspirational Artistic Director. The morning was spent getting to know each other and some of the processes that are integral to Graeae's work - included the intigration of sign language and audio description into a piece of theatre work. Every so often you have moments where you meet new people, and experience new things and your brain lights up and up and up with ideas. That's what this first morning was for me. It's just a case of now trying to sift through all of these ideas and get something on paper ready to submit a monologue in January.

Unfortunately, here my tale of Playwrighting 101 has to end, because I got home that evening, and having returned my babysitter (the mother in law) at home, I managed to get out of the car, fall over and use the closing door to steady myself. Unfortunately, that left my thumb between car and door. My god it hurt. Monday evening was spent in A and E getting xrays. Tuesday was spend back in hospital having day surgery to fix the break - the only upside of the whole situation being that I didn't have to have a general anaesthetic so I got to watch the surgery. Yes, yes. I am a little bit weird and enjoy these gory kind of things. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, were spent in too much agony to get my ass back to Newcastle (plus I can't drive now so I'm relatively housebound).

The experience of the week perhaps didn't provide the teaching that Graeae were hoping for but I did learn a lot. I definitely have a much better understanding of people who has disabilities that reduce their ability to use their arms and hands. I have a better understanding of pain and the effects medication have on your day to day life (something I had dealt with before but had forgotten quite how incapacitating it can be). And I've learnt I can do more with my left hand then I thought.

I do have gory looking pictures that I could upload if people were really that interested!

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