Most Googled Writing Questions Answered

Where do you get started in writing anything? I think English class turned so many people off the process of writing and the endless results of Google put people off. I do believe in the power of the arts and I think language and writing are so important to how society functions, I will definitely do what I can to make processes seem less opaque. So, because I love those Medium videos where stars answer googled questions about themselves, I thought I would answer the googled writing questions. Some are expected and some are a little left-field. I don’t have all the answers, and some are very much my own thoughts and feelings but if they help just one person it was worth it. If that person was you please let me know in the comments.

How to write a book?

I think it’s Neil Gaiman who said something about writing a word then another one and repeat until you have a book. And he’s not wrong. When you’re starting out that is definitely the way to go. I wrote my first book at 15 – I got up before school every day for three months to do an hour of writing. The book was derivative, poorly structure, followed too many characters and several unnecessary forays into French, but it taught me the most important thing – I can write a book. I am able to put enough words together on pages to make a book. It might be full of holes but it exists and I can take that knowledge with me every time I sit down to plan and write. I can do this.

How do I write to Boris Johnson?

I mean there will be an address online somewhere, but unless you are writing to criticize his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, his father skills, his morals, or his greed, I am not so interested in helping you get that message to him.

Writing Character descriptions

I’m not sure whether this is an author looking for how to introduce character descriptions in prose work or writing a description at the top of a script? I know more about scripts so I will start there. In terms of descriptions – keep it brief. What things are relevant to the casting director and what would anyone reading it needs to know to understand? I tend to go with the name, age, (gender/ethnicity/disability if relevant or to make a social statement) and then one piece of information about them – this could be their relationship to one of the other characters, their job, or a sentence of history from before the script starts. A well-written script should bring out most character detail and the Character list shouldn’t be seen as a way to fill any knowledge gaps.

What are the 4 main forms of creative writing?

I could be totally wrong here but for me, is generally conflicted the 4 forms of creative writing would be; scripted, prose, creative non-fiction and hybrid – or a mixture of the other three. I am not married to this definition and do not mind being corrected.

What is the most important creative writing ingredient?

Conflict. As someone who is generally conflict-averse, it took me a long time to be okay with filling my characters’ lives with obstacles but it is the bread and butter of creative writing and it is what makes the work something people keep paying attention to.

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