About Me

 I love to find the magic in the mundane and the miraculous in the hopeless. I write because I hope to fill the world with more kindness and love

I am Rebekah Bowsher – a scriptwriter who builds worlds with words. I ask questions about the world and use my imagination to answer them. I love to find the magic in the mundane and the miraculous in the hopeless. I write because I hope to change hearts. I write to fill the world with more kindness and love.

At 17, I was going to be an actor; to my mind, I could have been Jennifer Lawerence. Oh, to have the confidence of a teenager. At age 17, my life changed - for better and worse. An agonising creative pivot, and I returned to my childhood love of making up stories. My first play, Fold. Throw. Repeat. was written over my unsleeping baby's head and performed to a packed house at Live Theatre Newcastle. I will be forever grateful to all the people involved in that production for giving me that opportunity.

My undergraduate degree in Theatre and Performance (University of Leeds), and my Masters in Creative Writing (Open University) taught me the bones of scriptwriting. I have since had the pleasure of honing my scriptwriting skills with some of the best development schemes in the country, including Graeae's Write to Play and BBC Writer's Room Writer's Access Group. My Theatre work has been performed across the country, and I have had residencies at Live Theatre Newcastle and Leeds Playhouse. My latest work, a short film starring Julie Graham, can be found here.

I do my job well. I waited for so long for other people to tell me I was 'worthy', but over time, I have learned to support myself and produce work I can always be proud of. I reopened my blog in April 2021 to share my process, tips, fears and successes with you all, so I hope you will take the opportunity to check it out.

I want to write scripts that reach audiences' hearts and shine new hope on difficult conversations.

I want to meet people from all walks of life. I want femmes/women who feel like they don't deserve to take up space and writers who feel like they can't ask the questions they need to have a place to find answers.

As a member of the board of Unfolding Theatre, I have honed my abilities to consult on access issues in the arts. I consult on disability accessibility for both venues and companies.

Rebekah Bowsher Scriptwriter
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