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A mixed race woman in a 90s power suit speaks into a microphone whilst leaning on a pool table. A white middle aged man stands at the otherside also holding a microphone. Behind them is a display of glasses and drinks as you would find along the back of a bar.
Eve Tucker and David Nellist in Love It If We Beat Them

A ping into my inbox. New submission to your contact form.

I'll be dead honest, I don't get many emails like that and I often wonder whether the biannual effort of updating and maintaining this website and blog is worth it. However, writing for this blog has never been for an audience so much as to track my own learning. It feels odd to me that someone whose entire process revolves around producing something for an audience that I would be so negligent in the creation of this but here we are.

A new submission in my inbox, reminding me that it is indeed time to update the information here once more, and perhaps give this poor neglected blog a little love. For the past 16 months I have been working as the RTYDS Assistant Director in Residence (Live/Northern Stage) and the demands of the position have left me with little time to reflect, pause or write. I have learned a lot in this past year, and I am especially grateful to the directors who have allowed me too learn alongside them and the Artistic Directors of Live (Jack McNamara) and Northern Stage (Natalie Ibu) who have been so generous with their time and their mentorship throughout this period. I have learned an incredible amount in a short amount of time and I have emerged from this with the confidence to say "I am a director" - something I don't think I would have managed had Jack not taken the risk on me and given me a main house show (but that's a story for another blog). I do intend to write a separate blog (or three) about some of the specifics I have learned in this time, but for the moment, I thought I would simply collate the links to blogs that I have written for Live about the specific shows I have worked on.

We Are the Best (May 2022) dir. Jack McNamara, written Becky Glendenning Laycock based on the work by Coco Moodyssen

One Off (November 2022) dir. Jack McNamara, written by Ric Renton

It is a small part of my learning over this time and I hereby promise I will do some deeper, long form reflections for you all (the imaginary audience I've just said I'm not writing for) at some point in the next six months - probably when someone else fills in my Contact Form and I remember I need to update.


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